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Ynge Ljung

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Transforming Lives Through Natural Healing! With nearly three decades of experience as a licensed Acupuncture Physician and Naturopath, Dr. Ynge is on a mission to revolutionize your health through natural means. She is also a Chemical Engineer and her secret weapon? She created The Allergy Kit – a groundbreaking, painless, and drug-free solution for your entire family to uncover and eliminate hidden allergies and cravings, that may hinder your journey to optimal health. Dr. Ynge specializes in supporting women who've lost their vitality despite their dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Are you experiencing low energy, brain fog, or burnout, all while being told by doctors that everything's "fine"? Exercise more and take a pill! That doesn’t help when you lose your mojo and energy, but gain belly fat, and brain fog - and can’t sleep. Instead of pills, she offers a personalized approach centered on the wisdom of food, as Hippocrates taught us. In your Zoom sessions with Dr. Ynge, you'll delve deep into understanding your test results and how they align with your genetic makeup. Let's explore your inheritance from your parents and use nutrition to sidestep potential traps. Remember, it's not just about genetics; epigenetics plays a crucial role, in making a solid food plan essential. Do mysterious health issues have you feeling stuck? Hidden allergies might be the culprit, silently affecting your life. Discover the path to vibrant health with our revolutionary allergy elimination solutions. Dr. Ynge also uses the BodyCode, a powerful tool to unearth and release hidden emotions concealed within different parts of your body Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Bid farewell to allergies and rediscover your vitality with Dr. Ynge's expert guidance. Go to

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Acupuncture, women's health, Autism

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Help eliminate unknown and hidden allergies and to enhance women's health

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