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Prof. Dr. George Grant, Ph.D. who is known as The Celebrity Caring DR is considered the authority in: Biofeedback/Stress/Integrative/ Functional/Lifestyle/Nutrition/Toxicology/Stress/Pain Management and a global wellness ambassador. Prof. George Grant is a world-renowned researcher and expert in biofeedback, stress, anti-aging and natural pain management. Prof. George Grant is the founder & CEO of the Academy Of Wellness. 1981 Prof. Grant enjoys a stellar academic and fascinating career in research. He is a scientist, professor, chemist, toxicologist, nutritionist, biofeedback, stress management, and a pain specialist. Prof. Dr. Grant worked as a Senior Consultant for Health Canada, FDA, and CDC for 10 years as well as 40 years working for the academia/Food/Pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical Industries and in private practice. Prof. George Grant has helped 11 Fortune 500 companies, 11 nonprofit organizations, and 11 Olympic athletes in Canada/USA/Europe along with 25,000 Clients/Students worldwide. He has over 250 published articles, conference presentations, book reviews, and 20 bestselling books. Senior Editor of 11 Scientific Journals. Prof. Grant is an award winning, best selling celebrity author of 20 books, 5 patents including the Natural Patented/Published Prostate Formula, 250 published papers, 375 papers reviews, hundreds of conference presentations and he is a senior editor of 11 scientific journals. Co-authored 20 books with Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracey, Les Brown and hundreds of other celebrity bestselling authors. He pioneered the research on Beta Endorphins; organized and presented at the International Pain Conference in Chicago, IL., 2015; with Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and Johns Hopkins & Harvard. Dr. Grant was the First Scientist to name Dementia as Type 3 Diabetes and Glucagon Resistance as Type 4 Diabetes. He has helped several fortune 500 companies worldwide; non-profit organizations; and top Athletes worldwide. He is Helping his Clients & Students live healthy to 111+++ Testimonials 5 Stars Reviews:

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