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I would like to bring more compassion, healing, as well as the awareness of social and environmental responsibilities to businesses and corporations. Here is a bit about my background: I graduated from Brock University Bachelor of Accounting (Honours) and I have been an accountant for 8 years. What sets me apart from other accountant is I am also very spiritual and have a deep and profound understanding of human needs, psychology and behavioral patterns. I see the world in a more balanced way and would like to bring Taoism to the businesses more which I believe will help good companies prosper even more and save "bad" or simply unbalanced businesses from failing because when businesses follow the natural laws of the universe, the universe "rewards" them. I also believe that leadership at its core is about setting examples and not just telling others what to do or feeling one is more superior than others because true leadership, power and charisma come from within. When someone is truly knowledgeable, wise, strong, and powerful, they will not and do not need to demonstrate their power, intelligence or charisma through belittling, criticizing or even bulling others.  In contrary, they would share a great amount of compassion, understanding, support and guidance with others. Leadership is about sharing something superior with others which influence others in a positive way due to their expertise, knowledge, understanding and experience.

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