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Agape Garcia

speaker and podcaster

About me

Confronting Domestic Violence (CDV) best describes Ms. Garcia’s tenacious attitude towards empowering others. Over the past 35 years, Garcia has navigated through domestic violence, privacy and safety vulnerabilities, to include a death-defying car accident which solidified her mindset to overcome personal adverse events in life. Garcia’s catalyst to the founding of both Confronting Domestic Violence, Inc. (CDV), Be Your Incredible Self (BYIS) and SB 553 Consulting is rooted from her survival of a double attempted homicide while 8 months pregnant (by the father). Through her own life journey, she is devoting herself to empowering people by sharing her valuable lessons and guiding them through the path of Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) personally and Workplace Violence Prevention professionally, now that it's mandated by law! For over 10 years she has volunteered and collaborated with local law writer(s), in support of Calegislation; specifically, under public safety and privacy. Garcia is also known for emphasizing awareness and identifying different stages of human behaviors leading towards violence and how to mitigate them in the workplace as well as places of worship. As her passion grew from her personal challenges, Garcia also became active within mayoral appointee government agencies and other organizations, helping identify various noncompliance issues within policies and procedures. Her personal journey is now her testimony that empowers and motivates many others to support the mission of CDV. Garcia’s unwavering belief is that a child’s ability to succeed in their pursuit of a thriving and healthy future is highly dependent on them feeling safe at home.

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Speaking, motivating, offering hope. Dedicated to making a difference.

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Post Traumatic Growth - High Performance Coaching - Giving back. Dedicated to making a difference.

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