Meet the newest member of Ezway’s family. Shanée Tinnin-author of “Get Up Girl. You Got this.

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Author of the riveting novel, which details how she cheated death, entitled, “Get up girl. You got this”, is the newest Ezway family member and her book is a great read. Ms. Tinnin, the victim of bogus drug charge crimes, and the victim of violence resulting in the death of her beloved mom, which also nearly killed her as well said, ‘ I suffered loss resulting in death leaving me to be a widow and single mother. I’ve faced death head on October of 2014, I was betrayed by the people I loved most, I was arrested on criminal drug charges that could’ve resulted in a fifty-five-year prison sentence if found guilty.’ This is a must read and a most inspiring story and a very incredible young woman.

Get Up Girl! You Got This!

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