Interview with Leisa Reid Founder of Speaking Gigs Now

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  1. Tell us about yourself and what you do for a living?

           I’m Leisa Reid, Founder of I have booked and delivered over 500 speaking engagements. I use the skills I have learned along the way to coach speakers on how to get booked, stay booked and attract their ideal clients through speaking.

  1. How are you dealing with this CoronaVirus pandemic?

I have pivoted quickly so that I am a “virtualized” speaker. In fact, I’ve had over 15 speaking engagements since the Shelter in Place directive came out.

  1. Have you transitioned your business to digital? If yes how?

I have been coaching my speaker clients online using Zoom for several years now, so that hasn’t changed. But I have transitioned several in-person speaking engagements to a virtual model. Also, I have launched a virtual talk show and moved my networking activities to zoom or phone. Finally, I added a couple of masterclasses with other professionals in order to add massive value for people who need help immediately.

  1. How are you enjoying being on the eZWay Wall of Fame and how has it helped you?

I enjoy getting connected to new people and building relationships outside of my regular sphere of influence. Eric Zuley has taught me to think beyond what I believed was possible.

  1. What do you like best about the eZWay Wall of Fame?

I like the opportunities that it brings as Eric thinks BIG and moves FAST. It is exciting to be on the cutting edge of technology as he continues to grow the platform’s reach.

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