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Welcome to Keever’s Place, the Keever Murdaugh Show & Podcast. Rev. Coach Keever Lernise Murdaugh is the host and producer of this show. She wants to provide a safe space, free of judgement and criticism, to converse about a variety of self-improvement topics. Keever Lernise Murdaugh is an Executive Business & Leadership Development Coach. She teaches executive leaders how to effectively delegate, communicate and recognize their team’s innate strength with proven systems to reduce turnover, resolve conflicts and improve productivity. She’s also an entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Ordained Minister and TV & podcast Host & producer of Keever’s Place, The Keever Murdaugh Show & Podcast. Keever’s Place, The Keever Murdaugh Show & Podcast addresses topics of personal health, spiritual growth, business, financial literacy and so much more. They provide a platform for business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, coaches and influencers to connect and collaborate. It is the mission of the show and Keever Murdaugh Enterprises to empower, motivate and connect you with others in the community so all involved can learn and G.L.O.W. (Growing and Linking Opportunities to Work) together. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube: @Keever’s Place. Email them at: Schedule your FREE discovery call to be a guest on their show: Host & Producer: Coach Keever Lernise Murdaugh, CLC Executive Business & Leadership Coach, CEO, Speaker Facebook & Instagram: Keever Lernise Murdaugh

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