Interview with Singer Songwriter John Michael Ferrari

  1. Tell us about yourself and what you do for a living?
I’m John Michael Ferrari, a performing singer-songwriter and music arranger.  Apart from concert engagements, I teach performance skills with my partner, Pepper Jay.
  1. How are you dealing with this CoronaVirus pandemic?
I am currently taking advantage of this time at my ranch songwriting since all of my in-person gigs were canceled.  Except for a few online performances, I’ve just been focusing on how precious life is and appreciating what I have.
  1. Have you transitioned your business to digital? If yes how?
Although I have a presence online, the CoronaVirus gave me the opportunity to produce Facebook LIVE concerts and explore other untraditional digital experiences with my music.
  1. How are you enjoying being on the eZWay Wall of Fame how has it helped you?
I have always been proud of Eric Zuley and what he does to help professionals of all genres.  I am grateful to Eric for extending the invitation to me to join the EZWay Wall fo Fame.
  1. What do you like best about the eZWay Wall of Fame?
As a new member, thus far, I like that I’ve met so many interesting people and we get to openly exchange each other’s talents.  The eZWay Wall of Fame also provides me an opportunity to share with my  latest music with the eZWay family.
  1. What is happening for you or your business in 2020-2021?
My music tour of 2020 grinded to a halt after my Nashville tour in January and February.   I had been booked to perform in Memphis, on the American Queen Riverboat, and in New Orleans, all of which were canceled due to the Coronavirus.  I rely on Pepper Jay of Pepper Jay Productions to make the best of this situation so I can continue to write, arrange, and perform my music online.
  1. What advice do you have for our other Wall of Fame members and visitors?
Connect, Connect, Connect! Reach out and talk to everyone! Get to know each other and you’ll be surprised to learn who is on your new team! I’ve met some wonderful people via eZWay over the last decade.  I especially appreciate my friendship with Eric Zuley.
  1. Anything we missed you want to promote?
Thank you Eric Zuley for the eZWay experience.  I appreciate the opportunity. I hope you are all safe and well.
Warm regards
John Michael Ferrari
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