Behind The Pen is the show everyone has been waiting for, where the guests are all creatives who use a pen.

We have actors, writers, illustrators, musicians, directors, authors, and editors. And all the guests share their talents, hoping to improve the world.

Hosted by Karina Kantas.

Who is Karina? She has been a podcast and radio host for over six years and is a best-selling author, singer, and graphic designer. And CEO of Author Assist, offering visibility, publishing and coaching packages to authors. There is a lot of creativity in her blood, so she loves chatting with these amazing artists from around the world.

And here’s what makes this show special. It’s unscripted. Normally all Karina knows about her guest is that they use a pen in the creative field.
As the chat progresses, you will soon learn who the person is Behind The Pen.

The premier show has the wonderfully talented Mr William B Davis. Aka Cigarette Smoking Man from X-Files.  Actor, director, screenwriter and producer on TV, screen and theatre.

Don’t miss the premier show on eZWay TV on March 18th

Actor William B Davis from XFiles. A blue background. he's wearing a suit and smoking a cigarette.

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