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Eric Zuley’s star studded, “ EZWay Awards Golden Gala” mentioned in Rolling Stone Magazine, is stuffed like a holiday pinyata  , and from December 9th-10th, it will explode spilling forth not, only holiday Christmas cheer but also, all of the recognition and love that these noble artists and professionals  can bear, while enabling registrants who  join his interactive app,  opportunities flowing like honey, to assess and assimilate.

Interestingly enough, Eric Zuley, as the legendary bassist, former member of  James Brown and George Clinton’s world famous band, Parliament, and award winner of Zuley’s December 2021 Gala Awards,  Bootsy Collins, was mentioned in a recent interview in the journalistic icon publication, Rolling Stones Magazine, is becoming a household name.

Zuley is also adding a new element to his already incredibly diversified platform by adding mentorships via the nonprofit , Better Vision for Children Foundation, to his portfolio. He said, ‘ That  vision is now currently being expanded into mentorship for children. ‘