How Simple Is Your Sales Message?

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We’ve all been in a networking event where someone has explained their service and it makes ZERO sense. I do it deliberately 

The problem is, as experts EVERYTHING IS SIMPLE to us.

Business owners will claim that they apply KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)but in reality this is rarely the case.



Networker: I dont tell people I do VOIP, I tell them I do “Voice Over Internet Protocol”

Attendee: Oh that sounds great (Attendee Thinking: What on earth is that??!!)


What you say might be easier, but if its NOT easy enough you’re in trouble!

If a potential client doesn’t fully understand, then how can they make the choice to buy from you?

They can’t. So what happens?


The conversation ends with “I’ll have a think about it” only to ghost them!

Do you regonise this problem?

On Monday 15th April at 7pm, myself Ian Genius and The Chosen One Hardev Khamba are showing ambitious business owners how to simplify their message and go FROM STRANGER TO SALES

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