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New EZWAY member Cylk Cozark, a veteran producer, writer, actor,  model, singer/ songwriter, and humanitarian, with NBA “smoove”  flow tendencies,  has professional affiliations with superstars like Mel Gibson,  Julia Roberts,  Robert Redford,  Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Wesley Snipes, legendary actress Ruby Dee, and more– having appeared in over 50 films, including television—is set to showcase himself,  speak about upcoming projects and  impending collaborations, with Eric Zuley ‘s projects, September 22, 2022, at EZ WAY Interactive Profile Pitch Party.

Cozart will, in the upcoming weeks, lend his considerable skills towards producing  Zuley’s “EZWAY INTERACTIVE App Launch ” virtual event, and Golden Awards Gala, respectively speaking,  December 9-10, 2022.

Welcome to our eZWay Wall Of Fame.

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