eZWay Wall of Fame

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The eZWay Wall of Fame is where you will find the most comprehensive and accurate information on the Wall and its honorees. The eZWay Wall of Fame is a digital interactive social directory that hosts authors, entrepreneurs, sports legends, celebrities, and many more. The ‘Wall’ has become a global attraction to those who want to learn and be led by the legendary influencers who are being immortalized in this honorable display of esteemed individuals.   

eZWay Broadcasting is the sponsoring organization of the eZWay Wall of Fame in conjunction with the eZWay Network. This collective network hosts a comprehensive database of proven experts in their fields who showcase their talents and brands to a diverse audience who use the interface to network and build profitable relationships.

The eZWay Wall of Fame is considered the ‘Marketer’s Magic Wand’ promoted to and attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers per month via multiple digital channels and extensive cross-marketing efforts while affording its members with multiplied exposure, more targeted leads, and prestigious placement in a time-honored archive of diverse personalities and elite authorities.

Honorees include the likes of actress Kate Linder of Y & R, humanitarian Frank Shankowitz of Make A Wish Foundation, spiritual teacher Dr. Joe Vitale, actor Anthony Anderson of Blackish, motivational speaker Forbes Riley, and many more.

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