EZWAY PITCH PARTY’S, OTHER THURSDAY-JULY 20,2023-4-6:PM PST-2NITE Robert W. Jones, Featured speaker of iNetpreneur Network

Eric Zuley, dubbed, “The Digital Dick Clark”, with his networking vehicle called, EZWAY PITCH PARTY, provides many avenues of opportunity, including learning how to monetize, gain access into the entertainment business, hooking much needed seekers of distribution of various talents and goods with the right people and provides networking opportunities galore. His platform is nestled within such online giants , as millions tune in, like Roku, Fire, and Apple, and as they say ” you get in what you put out”—-individuals promote their individual talents, gifts, products and compatible entities are allowed to align themselves with likeminded interests and mentors.

Zuley’s EZWAY NETWORK Offers these opportunities EVERY OTHER THURSDAY-JULY 20,2023-4-6:PM PST- 2NITE Robert W. Jones, Featured speaker of iNetpreneur Network.

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