eZWay Joins forces with Animated Shortz

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eZWay is going animated and coming out the gate more unique than ever before!

Do you have a business?

Do you have a podcast show?

Do you have a live stream show?

Do you have a book ?

Do you want a unique way of generating more leads for y0ur business?

Well eZWay and Animated Shortz has joined forces to Animate you and your business the eZWay! Animated Shortz and eZWay has worked with Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Universal and much more!

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Q & A 

Question – What type of animation do you make?

• Answer 30-60 second video elevator pitch delivered by a custom animated character.

• Question -How do we start?

• Answer -First, fill out the form.

• Question – What should the script include?

• Answer -It should start with statement like, “you know how”, describing a problem.

Follow with your two sentence description of how you will tackle the anomaly. Finish with the results that you will experience and how it will make you feel. This is not a required format, just a suggestion.

• Question – Can you write the script?

• Answer – Yes, provide us with your company’s operational information.

• Question – Who reads the script?

• Answer – There are 3 ways.

• You read your script

• A voice-over professional

• Text to audio synthesized voice

• Question-Who is the character?

• Answer – We draw your caricature that is mainly seen from the waist up.

• Question – What will they wear?

• Answer – Sweater, Suit, T-shirt or custom.

• Question -What is the background?

• Graphic

• Photo

• Movie

• Question -Can we make more videos using the same character?

• Answer – Yes, once the initial setup is made it s easier to make

additional productions.

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