EZ TALK LIVE 03-30 Dr. Tony O’Donnell and Small Shifts, Big Changes Expert Panel

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What an amazing celebrity jammed packed EZ TALK LIVE live show we had this March 30th 4 pm pst

Dr. Tony O’Donnell, PhD — nutritionist, author, speaker, TV and Radio host, humanitarian. Dr. Tony’s career as a naturopath has lead him through a remarkable life and a wealth of knowledge and experience making him one of America’s leaders in naturopath medicine.

As a Certified Herbalist and Nutritionist, Dr. Tony has motivated many to change their lives for the better, enforcing the principle that “If you feel better, you perform better.” His passion for helping others has led to an incredible career teaching the art of a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Tony is a renowned speaker at multiple Fortune 500 companies to sharing his “mantra of success”. Dr. Tonyis “an energetic motivational guru that mixes sound business principles with a healthy dose of nutrition”, according to friend and motivational speaker, Brian Tracy. Tony’s comfort with large audiences, clever narratives, and the ability to speak openly and honestly, allows him to give powerful and entertaining presentations.

Known as “The Herb Doc” he has been seen on HSN, ABC, NBC, FOX News, CNN, and Talk Radio Network. He is the author of 15 books on healthy living, wellness and personal empowerment, TV and radio host, and a humanitarian. In 2001 he was awarded “Man of the Year” by the Leukemia Society.

This show episode is also featuring the “Small Shifts, Big Changes” Panel with experts like Loral Langemeier, Dr. John Demartini, Scientist Kara Scott Dentley, Think and Grow Rich Legacy Tour manager Sarah Lee, Music Expert Mikey Adam Cohen, health and business expert Jennifer Hough, CEO Money and You Dame Doria Cordova hosted by Dr. Harrison Klein

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You Deserve Better! – Which is why I’m doing this. Says Harrison Klein
As my co-presenter on the upcoming Small Shifts Big Changes Web Summit – Dr John Demartini says
“I know you have a dream, something that inspires you, that your working on, that you want to make a difference on”
It could be a cause, a business, a passion project, a child – your family. It’s different for everyone.
But one things for sure.
Life is too short, and you work too hard not make the difference you want!
Nobody should have to settle for less.
Nobody should have to ‘make do’ or give up on the things they really want.
Which is exactly why both John and I want you to have a free seat at The Small Shifts Big Changes Virtual Web Summit I’m speaking at this Easter.
So what’s on offer?
Wisdom, insight and inspiration on tap!
We’ve gathered 40 of the world’s leading Spiritual, Business, Finance and Well-being teachers to come and share their top three life Hacks with you.
We have leading experts in all aspects of health, wealth, well-being, spiritual and personal development.
And the things they’ll be sharing are the things they’d share with their children, if they only had 1 chance to pass on something of value, something that would really make a difference to them for the rest of their life.
The quality of the speakers and the information being shared at this event is truly outstanding.
Checkout the speaker line-up here at Harrison Kleins EWOF profile
it’s being streamed live this Easter, it’s 100% free, and you can ask questions.
You can even attend a meet and greet session at the end of day 1 with all the speakers and on Sunday afternoon there’s an after party to network and ask even more questions.
Don’t miss this – there will be life changing information given away.
I’ll see you there.
Get your seat now before they all go

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