EZ TALK LIVE Entrepreneurial Success Secrets Feat. Omar Periu

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Omar Periu proudly wears his rags to riches story for others to
hear about and learn from. He went from making $147 a month
at age 21 as a personal trainer to multi-millionaire status by age
31. He & his family fled Castro's regime when he was only seven;
they arrived in Miami with no money, no family or friends in
America & nothing but what they were wearing when they
Enduring the taunting of other children, the cold winters of
Illinois & the obstacle of language barriers, Omar didn't let it
embitter him. Instead, he made the most of his situation. His
father, reading from a tattered Spanish copy of Dale Carnegie's
book, "How To Win Friends & Influence People", taught Omar an
important life lesson. "It doesn't matter who you are, where
you're from or what color you are, you can do anything you put
your mind to."
Omar sought out & studied the masters; he observed the
difference between the performance of top achievers & those
barely squeaking by. From there, Omar developed his Zero to
Wealth SystemsTM, The Investigative Selling PrinciplesTM, The
One Minute Meeting Effective Presentation SystemTM, & From
Management to LeadershipTM programs.
Omar has dedicated himself to helping others fulfill their
dreams by teaching them how to achieve greatness! Omar
helps people build a better self, team, and company with a fresh
take on age-old solutions. He specifically teaches how to set &
achieve desired goals while ensuring constant & never ending
improvement. More than a motivator, his peers refer to him as
"The Master Motivational Teacher." Omar brings audiences to
their feet with his indefinable quality of magnetism.

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