EZ TALK LIVE 12-01-2020 Judge Joe Brown, Keith Hatchett LeasePal

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This weeks episode features speaker, CBS tv personality

Judge Joe Brown 

Judge Joe Brown is a entrepreneur and speaker that specializes in character support.

Grew up in LA; UCLA Poli-Sci, UCKA Law; innMemphis TN: EEOC, Prosecutor, Head Public Defender, Retired Crime Ct Judge.  Judge Joe Brown TV Show (CBS Syndication, 15 yrs

Keith Hatchett 

CEO and Founder, Keith Hatchett explains in this video how The Elease Project Charity sets itself apart in a world of sameness related to charities.

  1. The first way we do this is our structure allows a donor to donate once and fund ten charity entities all at one place.
  2. The second part of our program allows a donor to donate to a specific person and their specific problem with a guarantee from The Elease Project that the money goes to the specific person and their problem.

This is a game-changer in the world of charities and you will see how these benefits work in this video.


Amy Thomson

Happiness Expert, Mother, Artist, Writer, & TV Personality, Founder of Where Dreams Connect and executive producer of the Creative Collaboration Summit

This weeks special guest host is

Bridgette Johnson 

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