Eric Zuley, Dante Sears Gold Carpet Birthday Celebration

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This event episode brought to you by Califia Gold

March 19th was the big birthday celebration for Eric Zuley and Dr. Dante Sears at The Hills Hotel in the Emerald Lounge. The evening started out with people arriving with amazement on their face when they saw the setup. When you first walked in there were two eZWay Banners one for events the other for promotions. On the left were the tables had reserved signs for each party on the right was the bar ready to search the guests. Walking further was where all the action was happening on the wall was the projector showing the live elements of the party and to the right was the gold carpet media wall and Dr. Dante Sears WEALTH XO pullup banner. On the left were the special vip tables for the VIP’s that all arrived in style! Vip eZWay Celebrity guests included: Trae Ireland actor, director president of Ireland Entertainment actor from Sons of Anarchy and life coach, Kate Linder actress from Young and The Restless and celebrity spokesperson for the ALS Association, legendary actor Hawthorne James, an actor from The Sopranos, director-producer president of Dream Cinema Productions Rayster Michaels, actress Katherin Kovin Pacino, Sheldon Reynolds from Earth Wind and Fire, former VH1 personality and now acting on The Offer on Paramount Plus Johnny Venokur hosted the event. eZWay Platinum and gold member and VIP attendees included: Eddie with Califia Gold, Radio Boomers Live Host Carmelita Pittman, Swimwear and fix expert Cat Oshman, Host of The Perfect Zone Will Perfect, Actor, filmmaker MBA Shakoor and wife, Host of Tap Interviews Matt J. Doyle, Host for eZWayTV and co-host for The Perfect Zone Janet Lopez, Publicist Freddy K, Ray with Beamer, David with Fit TV, ad specialist Fred Smith, event producer Kessa Gooden, writer for the eZWay Awards Golden Gala Samuel Morris, Sound, and Video expert and podcaster Victor Ybarra Host of the Does it All Podcast Mr. James Does It All, Pattie Sadler owner of New Life Clarity Publishing and Heart Talks, Actor Elijah Green, KXLA host Rosalyn Kahn and partner Anna Maire, artist and writer TKO to name a few…. The gold carpet was packed with media. Some of the featured media were Gettyimages, Wireimage, Hollywood Weekly, TAP Interviews, and eZWay Magazine and TV. See all coverage of this event at click menu and then blog. The event served a classy 2-course meal. What was on the menu? Chicken Parmesan, Vegetables, Mash potatoes, some delicious macaroni was made by Kymberli Boynton operations manager and editor and chief for eZWay Network. Kymberli is also a personality and entrepreneur herself. Be on the lookout for her new shows Keeping Up With Kym and Keeping it Real With Kym. Kymberli Boynton provided her Hashtag team which helped to make the whole event run smoother. Sound and event video was provided by Victor Ybarra. What made this event very unique was it wasn’t just an in-personal event, eZWay Family from all of the world could join in on the fun live as everything was happening and meet the stars via zoom. So as the event was happening the screen was showing on the event wall who else was attending and the fans could chat and talk amongst themselves. After the gold carpet and dinner, there was a section for eZWay members to speak about their eZWay Xperience and tell everyone who they are and where to find their profile on the eZWay Wall of Fame. This event was an eZWay members-only event and left the audience wanting more…. Everyone is already asking when the next one will be! This event was also sponsored by WEALTH XO, HEART TALKS, LIL SAINT PRODUCTIONS, KEEPING UP WITH KYM, SERENITY MAGAZINE, and The eZWay Wall of Fame




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