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ERIC ZULEY TALKS ON THE “ROCK YOU ACADEMY” PODCAST GIVING SECRETS OF MONETIZING THE MEDIA, SPEAKING VIA LOADING STATEGIC INFORMATION DEC 6- 8 2023. Zuley spent his time guiding his legion of followers into the “EZ WAY of monetizing, while stressing that the preload, guidance, strategizing and knowing how to know both your show and knowing your audience is a must!
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Trending on the Pure Essense Television Network, Zuley showing his expertise on how to get more connected  to a higher profile circle and grow your audience, used words like “Sizzling”, growing, monetizing, and other power tools.
Infact, EZ “schooled” his followers, into the availability of  different strategic resources via different podcasters within his network, such as Jason Spamm. This viewing, which may include such notables as,  Les Brown, Omar Periu and Sharon Lechter, normally costing $197, was free, as Eric offered it at no cost at, could be downloaded using the Pure Essense tv app onto your smart device.

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