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Dr. Lydie Louis is the Host of The Money, Law & You Show & Podcast where it is all about empowering you to share the value that you bring to the world, connecting you with opportunities to power up your vision of what is possible, sharing know-how(s), how-to(s), and business power tools while engaging in uplifting conversations focused on Money, Law and the intangible things that impact You. Dr. Lydie introduces you to Celebrities, Influencers, Entrepreneurs and Champion Business Leaders from across the country, down the block, around the globe and just one relationship away. Dr. Lydie ‘s team specializes in providing affordable, effective, quality advertisement opportunities for businesses on TV, podcasts, radio, magazines, books, social media, and more! We help YOU gain maximum exposure, build your credibility, and your influence by streaming into 60,000,00 million Homes Broadcasting on the eZWay Network, Roku, AmazonTV, and AppleTV, JD3 TV, BE TV, iHeart Radio, JLS TV, Anchor to name a few. And, The Home Shopping Network’s very own Bob Circosta has crowned Dr. Lydie “The Suze Orman of Law!” Dr. Lydie’s latest legal business book will be sold on The Home Shopping Network by Bob Circosta himself! You should definitely get a spot to be profiled in Dr. Lydie’s book. It is estimated that 250K copies will be sold within a few days!
All of these “show opportunities” are designed and curate to provide you to the perfect mix of world- class exposure for you to share your vision, your services, and your products with the world for you to make a global impact. We know personally that entrepreneurs and small business owners need connections, resources, collaborations, and networking. Dr. Lydie is the Co-Host of the Central, FL and West, FL Happy Neighborhood Project (HNP). A global networking system that has over 75,000 business members networking and collaborating on Zoom, all for FREE! Come join us and tell everyone Dr. Lydie invited you to be her guest. We know that it does not matter how great your product or services are if no one knows that you exist. Our job is just too simply sound the alarm and shine the light on You and Your business within our network of influence and then shares it with the World. We LOVE rolling out the Red Carpet for You!

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Do you want to be profiled in Dr. Lydie’s latest business law book that will be sold on The Home
Shopping Network?
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