Winner of EZ TALK LIVE PYP Contest Bridgette Johnson The Rapping School Teacher

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Congratulations to the Rapping School Teacher Kids DJ Bridgette Johnson on winning our EZ TALK LIVE “PITCH YOUR PURPOSE” CONTEST! Obviously she has an amazing cause, purpose and story with what she does and we’re proud to help raise awareness for it the eZWay! We hope that all our EWOF community and eZWay family will help support you by sharing this blog post!




Louisville, KY–Bridgette A. Johnson, (AKA DJBJ) children, book author, educator, artist and business entrepreneur is a life-long educator with Jefferson County Public Schools.  For nearly 18 years, she has developed zany learning tools geared towards student academic success.  Applying creative and strategic lesson plans for high-needs children with structural and institutional challenges, Johnson has received recognitions and awards for achieving positive outcomes using out-of-the box teaching methods.  With imagination and incredible energy–like a magician–The Rapping School Teacher creates amazing moments of surprise to help children with literacy and a love for reading. Most notably, she is a recipient of the Federal Credit Union’s Hero of Education Award. [] Johnson holds an Associates Degree in Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (IECE) from Jefferson Community & Technical College (JCTC) and a Bachelors Degree from Campbellsville University in IECE.  While continuing her education, she has studied at Kaplan and Sullivan universities.  She is also certified as a professional development trainer (LEVEL 4) in Early Childhood Education.  As the owner and business entrepreneur of CREATIVELY IN-VENTED, LLC, the spunky rapper & uses music, drama play and storytelling to entertain and educate diverse audiences everywhere she travels with her one-woman shows.  As a childrens book author, Johnson has penned two books for early childhood learners:  Hey!  Hey! I Know My 5 Senses (ISBN:  978-0986367250; Anike Publishing, 2016) and Use Your Manners, et al (ISBN:  978-0692934067; CREATIVELY IN-VENTED, LLC, 2017).  Both publications are recommended to use as educational resources with companion CDs that accompany each book and help to make learning even more fun.  The Rapping School Teacher will be touring throughout the Kentuckiana region with a focus on literacy through children book
signings, performances and educational training seminars.

Watch the episode that got it all started for Bridgette because she worked for it!

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