Brian Willis Super EWOF Influencer receives eZWay Achievement Award presented by Eric Zuley

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On 10-24-2020 Billionaire philanthropist Brian Willis was given the eZWay Achievement Award in Newport Beach California for is proven efforts to help others.

7th official eZWay Achievment Award being given to Brian Willis
The eZWay Achievment Award was originally given to Eric Zuley in 2011 by the founder of the Multicultural Motion Picture Association Jarvee Hutcherson which brought in the city and county if Los Angeles official certification signed off by former Mayor of Los Angeles Mr. Antonio Villaraigosa and over 7 Los Angeles County members. This award was not only given to Mr. Zuley because of his proven efforts to help the city and county of Los Angeles but a category of the MMPA was created in Mr. Zuley’s name.
eZWay Achievement Award
The EZWay Achievement Award is given to those with hearts of gold that help to unite the light and help others network themselves to another level of success. This is extremely unique in its attributes, an award that stands out and is not attained by one specific act but by a lifetime of successful positive ventures and charitable contributions that have impacted individuals throughout the world. Our recipient has shown to have qualities that make them stand out not only because of their professional expertise but by their caring nature.
The EZWay Achievement Award is not an annual presentation, it is an award given to a specific individual we feel meets the guidelines engraved on our highest honor. Brian Willis is that individual, he has accomplished much throughout his career and has impacted countless individuals in a positive way thru his numerous achievements yet remains humble in his efforts.
Congratulations Brian Willis ?


Who: Brian Willis is an international financier, humanitarian, and philanthropist. He is a founding member of Billionaires Elite VIP, with over 20,000 members globally. The Billionaires Elite VIP Club was created for very special and professional individuals for networking reasons. Brian Willis is a verified celebrity influencer member on the eZWay Wall of Fame


Past recipients
2012 – Larry Namer Co-founder E Entertainment Television
2013 – Shellie Hunt Founder Women of global change
2014 – Steve Resnik Music Legend Judgr on Star Search
2015 – Frank Shankwitz Creator Make A Wish Foundation
2018 – Kate Linder Actress on Young and the restless, received star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
2019 – Obba Babbatunde Emmy award winning actor and Entrepreneur


About the founder
Creator of the first ever virtual gold carpet
Founder and executive producer of eZWay Wall of Fame Awards

Eric Zuley is an ambassador for 180 + countries for the Universal Peace Federation

Eric Zuley has became an official affiliate of the Think And Grow Rich Institute endorsed and sponsored by the Napoleon Hill Foundation and The Hill Family
Eric Zuley is a 2 time Best Selling author of his first book “The Influence Effect”
Contributing Author in Forbes Riley Habit 1 Book
eZWay Wall of Fame Legends
Frank Shankwitz creator Make A Wish, Sharon Lechter co-author Rich Dad Poor Dad, James Dentley,
Shea Vaughn actor Vince Vaughn’s Mother and CEO Women on TV, Brian Smith Founder of Ugg Boots, Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Holder Kate Linder from Young and The Restless,
Greg Reid Forbes Top 5 Speaker, Forbes Riley Billion Dollar Infomercial Queen, Berny Dohrmann Chairman CEO Space, Eric Swanson Founder of Habitude Warrior just to name a few
Eric has produced over 25 talk, reality, tv shows, 450 events, he has a current talk show called EZ TALK LIVE on the Voice America Influencers Channel and eZWay TV, iHeart Radio, Spotify and more…

Short Bio

Eric Zuley is recognized as an award winning top ten social media influencer in the world a Multimedia Marketing Mogul that has mastered the art of monetizing media. He created the nationally and internationally recognized movement #eZWay endorsed by over 500 celebrities, influencers, CEO’s and change makers. This movement has its own social network directory similar to Facebook, Amazon, Yelp, Netflix and the Hollywood Walk of Fame all rolled into one.
Some of the top celebrity influencers like the creator of Make A Wish Foundation, Star of Terminator 3, Founder of Priceline just to name a few are members of his eZWay Wall of Fame which can be found at Eric has spoken on over 30 stages 50 if you count virtual. Eric has helped coach and mentor over 300 people in the art of scaling from one microphone.

Eric Zuley was able to turn his company eZWay Broadcasting, Inc into a 7 figure income earning company before the age of 40 years old.

Eric has been seen on FOX, E! ABC 7, TMZ, HUFFINGTON POST, EXTRA, Cover of HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY, MAGAZINE honored Eric
as the 2017 Digital Trailblazer, numerous speaker, coaching, social media awards, in 2011 he was given the Robert Novak award signed off by congressman Brad Sherman and congresswoman Judy Chu and former Mayor of La Antonio Villaraigosa. Eric has interviewed thousands of named celebrities and speakers.
Mr. Zuley owns eZWay Network a media
network powering their own Radio, magazine and TV network housing 10 channels, airing 30 shows with a potential reach of 320,000,000 homes and mobile phones. He owns a branding and promotions firm that has helped thousands of brands and individuals.
Eric is also an event producer with over 450 red carpet events under his belt.
His 501 c 3 eZWay Cares has helped raise millions through his media outreach and he is an actor, speaker, author and coach with over 200,000 social media followers.

BRIAN WILLIS as a guest on EZ TALK LIVE hosted by Eric Zuley


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