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What: The eZWay Wall of Fame is similar to the Hollywood walk of fame only digital. Anyone can create an account free and join the wall of fame family. However we do reserve the right to refuse any requests or accounts placed on our wall. The wall of fame gets promoted by our broadcasting network which powered our TV network our magazine 


The eZWay Wall of Fame is a virtual social interactive directory website and mobile app meant to help its members build their following. Certain membership levels allow you to connect and flourish! The eZWay Wall of Fame hosts an annual awards show and honors the wall of fame members that use their profile to make a difference.

Some of our wall of famers include: Forbes Riley (Billion Dollar Infomercial Queen) Sharon Lechter (World re-known author and speaker, Brian J. White (Actor on OWN Networks Ambitions) Kristanna Loken (Star of Terminator 3) Alec Stern (Co-founder of Constant Contact) and Frank Shankwitz Co-founder of Make A Wish Foundation and WISH MAN Movie just to name a few…

The EZWOF helps to increase and accelerate influence and brands to go to the next level and get more sales because of the credibility and stature it helps create or ad to our members already amazing portfolio.

The EZWOF helps to get its members on other media for more awareness and exposure.

The more you login, update your profile, share and all around use your account the higher you go on the wall, therefore you get more traffic to your profile which if you setup your profile to capture and convert this turns to sales!



We produce an annual awards show annually to honor certain wall of famers. Here is a video of our last awards show. Our 2nd annual eZWay Awards Golden Gala will be held at the Newport Beach Marriott Resort in Orange County Ca, Fashion Island



The Wall of fame also helps to build your IMDB credits because of our tv show producers that are attached to the wall.

Directions for updating profiles: 

  1. Find your wall profile on the eZWay Wall of Fame
  2. before where your picture is there is a button that says profile settings
  3. Click that button
  4. Now you are in your dashboard and you will see 6 square buttons each button ads a different addition
  5. Look for widget settings
  6. Click widget settings
  7. Click each module to update your profile