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Thank you for viewing my gallery!  Many people ask me what is “Pixel Art”? Allow me to elighten you!  Pixel Art is created with “Perler” ™ beads or melty beads in a stylized pixelized design reminiscent of 8-bit video game platforms.

Each piece in my gallery was hand made by me and I can recreate almost any image in pixels given the time.  Since I make everything myself, there are unique canvas wall art that can be custom ordered, but each will be a little different and no two are alike. 

The keychains can be ordered in bulk for a discount and will be more uniform. I do not keep a large stock on hand, so advance ordering is required with a deposit. 


I specialize in Logos and unique wall art.  I also make magnets, coasters and 3-D “waterless” plants.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. 

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